13.8 billion years ago a St4r is born

The earth in all its glory

... and then

it exploded.


Cave drawings depict a strange fascination with user experience.

Cave drawings of user experience, yeah.


Strange futuristic communication devices are painted within Egyptian tombs.

Egyptian hieroglyphs of mobile devices woop woop.


An intrepid group called Station Four discovers that the internet is round.

Pythagoras pointing at the round internet, and it's not flat.


Moveable type is engineered to streamline style sheets for scrolls and tomes.

Type blocks for printing press


Station Four invents the telephone to better communicate with clients and to more effectively debate what everyone wants for lunch.

Telephone talking about pizza and burgers


Marmalade the S4 cat cartoons teach children about the importance of adventure, laughter, and UI/UX best practices.

Marmalade the cat popping out of a tv, ahh!


Widely accessible personal computers spread the S4 love to countless millions.

D'aww, a computer with hearts popping out of it


Two friends named Chris graduate from the University of Florida.

Little bit of wheat, not gluten free


Chris Lahey works at the department of agriculture, where he masters coding and the language of government entities.

The parthenon chillin in a circle


While working on a doctorate in comparative politics & statistical analysis, Chris Olberding is distracted by the internet.


Chris and Chris meet again while working for a web design and marketing company.

They go out for after-work drinks and speculate what it would be like to own their own company.

Using the adjacent old fire station as inspiration, they decide to go for it.

Idea cloud with beer, fire hat, and computer


Station Four officially opens for business!

Station Four collage of nostalgia


The year-old team gets all dressed up and flies out to Las Vegas for the Phizzpop contest ... and WINS.

Phizzpop awards collage of victory


The very first Station Four movie night makes its premier.

Prompting a long-standing tradition of nerdy interests and bad movie puns.

Super cool sillouettes watching a guy yelling on screen


Station Four gets lit for their 5 year anniversary.

Skyline of Portland all Illustrated and stuff


The S4 Portland office opens on the west coast. The hipster cool factor rises about 20%.


Station Four celebrates their 10 year anniversary


S4 opens their first off-planet office, the Sp4ce Station to share their smarts and talents with the rest of the galaxy.

Space Station Four in all its glory


S4 spearheads interstellar, universally accessible sites to better reach a non-human audience.

An alien being blown away by amazing UX


The company weathers the Galactic War by converting the SP4CE Station into the ultimate fighting robot, Fourtron.

The undefeated ultimate fighting robot, FOURTRON